Dana Lorenz

Dana Lorenz

schnell, gründlich, schonend

Turbo powerful self-service-vacuum cleaner spots, carpet beater, washbasins, dumpster, cleaning wipes... Dissolving the dirt in the soaking phase using warm water and detergent, cuddle-tender Swingtex® technology cleans even the most sensitive areas."

„Fast, thorough, gentle“ is a photographic work on the fetishization of the car through the ritualized cleaning within the various areas of application of a car wash. Combined with queer pornographic film titles, the German cliché of heteronormative weekly cleaning is "twisted" and thus ironically humorous, as well as critically questioned. 'The car' itself only appears in sections – or not at all. In the overall composition of texts and images, however, we create our own, intimate and grotesque spaces of imagination around the status symbol of our society.

1. Edition: 50 / 2018 / DIN A6 / Digital Print / Saddle Stiched with folded DIN A4 Posters / Schweizer Broschur / Velvet Cover

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